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Sunday, July 02, 2006

I swore love you and to take care of of you in the joy and the sadness, the health and the disease, the wealth and the poverty.
And now that the days are gray and empty for single you I request a thing to you: it takes my hand with force, you please do not surrender, you do not surrender … ….. To your side I have learned to being all the brave one that your now you refuse to be. And when I watch your tears of color crystal, mine they go paraclean you by inside, to far take the pain to me that now this consuming to you.
And the way remembers that we have walked together, the hard moments that your you turned calm moments. It remembers all the words said in the distance, the fury, the friendship and in sex, it remembers that your and I always we have decided to confront together storms … … … … … …
Now you are not scared. It will not leave to you


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